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New Orleans Startup Industry Clusters: Life Sciences

Posted by Alec Cole on February 16, 2017

We’ve recently spent a lot of time on the blog examining 2016 in Southern startups – both highlights and some deeper dives into emerging ecosystems. However, we’re several weeks into 2017, and it’s time to talk about what the future holds for Southeastern tech.

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IP Law for Startups: Common Intellectual Property Issues and How to Approach Them

Posted by Ray Areaux on August 19, 2016

Just a few reasons why an IP strategy is important for any young company

This guest post comes to us courtesy of Ray Areaux, a patent attorney and founding member of Carver Darden, a law firm with offices in New Orleans and Pensacola. He, and other Carver Darden attorneys will be giving a free talk on intellectual property law at the LookFar offices on August 23rd, check here for more details.

The questions below highlight some of the most common misconceptions and pitfalls, especially for startups. Over my 30 plus years of rendering advice to clients on software protection and other Intellectual Property strategy points, I've seen all of these issues pop up repeatedly. If you're currently working at a startup, there's an excellent chance you'll wind up grappling with at least one of them as you grow your company.

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Birmingham Rising: Sloss Tech and Other Signs of Potential

Posted by Jillian Firnhaber on July 20, 2016

If you work in the tech industry, and you don’t live in The Bay, you are part of a race.

You may not have realized you signed up to run it, but if you’re earning a living in the digital economy, you are part of a nation-wide sprint: the race to become the “next Silicon Valley.” 

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How to Build Your Startup’s Personas with Data from Google and Facebook

Posted by Alec Cole on May 26, 2016

Finding the Facts

“And this above all: to thine own customer be true”

- Shakespeare, if he was alive today and working as a business consultant.

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Getting the Most Out of a Tech Conference: Our Collision 2016

Posted by Lindsay Fox on May 12, 2016

The Tech World Meets in New Orleans Now

Months before the craziness of Collision - before the speakers, booths, and startups converged on New Orleans- we heard that one of the world's biggest technology conferences was headed to our city.

Of course we were going to jump in and participate, but how?

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Embracing Ambiguity: Why Scrapping Plans is a Healthy Process

Posted by Flor Serna on April 7, 2016

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Uncertainty

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How to Tailor Your Pitch Deck: Changes to Make when Pitching to Different Audiences

Posted by Crystal McDonald on March 17, 2016

Rolling with the Pitches

There are pitch decks – and then there are damn good pitch decks. 

Let’s go back to school and start with the basics. What is a pitch deck in the first place? It’s a brief presentation used to provide your audience with a quick snapshot of your overall business plan.

That’s it. 

Now…how can you make it good? 

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The 5 Judges You'll Meet At Every Startup Pitch Competition

Posted by Jillian Firnhaber on March 3, 2016

Money men, scale-balancers, and tech freaks - oh my!

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week is nearly upon us. In just over a week, New Orleans will be chock-full of founders, investors, and startup nuts of every description. And no event draws those attendees together quite like a pitch competition. NOEW, being a big fan of bringing people together, has 13 of them scheduled.

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LookFar Stories: Founding, Funding, and Growing a Startup in College

Posted by Blake Butterworth on February 18, 2016

Meet Blake

Blake Butterworth is a front-end developer here at LookFar. He's a New Orleans native and recently graduated from LSU with a degree in Computer Engineering.

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How to Tell if a Potential Software Development Partner is Right For You

Posted by Molly Hegarty on February 4, 2016

Questions to ask, and answers to look for.

Choosing the wrong technology partner is among the costlier binds that startup founders can encounter. So, why does it happen so often? One major issue we've noticed: not knowing the right questions to ask.

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