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How to Tell if a Potential Software Development Partner is Right For You

Posted by Molly Hegarty on February 4, 2016

Questions to ask, and answers to look for.

Choosing the wrong technology partner is among the costlier binds that startup founders can encounter. So, why does it happen so often? One major issue we've noticed: not knowing the right questions to ask.

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Scrum and Marriage

Posted by Sean Moore on August 12, 2015

Bringing Your Work Home Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

My wife and I got married a few months ago. She got a new job, my own company has made some major changes, and we bought a house.

It’s been a big year.

Keeping all of our to-do lists in order was becoming a pain. They were mostly in my head, and after the third time I forgot to drop off the same form at the insurance agency, my wife got fed up.

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