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How to Tailor Your Pitch Deck: Changes to Make when Pitching to Different Audiences

Posted by Crystal McDonald on March 17, 2016

Rolling with the Pitches

There are pitch decks – and then there are damn good pitch decks. 

Let’s go back to school and start with the basics. What is a pitch deck in the first place? It’s a brief presentation used to provide your audience with a quick snapshot of your overall business plan.

That’s it. 

Now…how can you make it good? 

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The 5 Judges You'll Meet At Every Startup Pitch Competition

Posted by Jillian Firnhaber on March 3, 2016

Money men, scale-balancers, and tech freaks - oh my!

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week is nearly upon us. In just over a week, New Orleans will be chock-full of founders, investors, and startup nuts of every description. And no event draws those attendees together quite like a pitch competition. NOEW, being a big fan of bringing people together, has 13 of them scheduled.

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