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IP Law for Startups: Common Intellectual Property Issues and How to Approach Them

Posted by Ray Areaux on August 19, 2016

Just a few reasons why an IP strategy is important for any young company

This guest post comes to us courtesy of Ray Areaux, a patent attorney and founding member of Carver Darden, a law firm with offices in New Orleans and Pensacola. He, and other Carver Darden attorneys will be giving a free talk on intellectual property law at the LookFar offices on August 23rd, check here for more details.

The questions below highlight some of the most common misconceptions and pitfalls, especially for startups. Over my 30 plus years of rendering advice to clients on software protection and other Intellectual Property strategy points, I've seen all of these issues pop up repeatedly. If you're currently working at a startup, there's an excellent chance you'll wind up grappling with at least one of them as you grow your company.

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