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A Founder's Guide to Wireframes: Common Types and Tools

Posted by Ryan Colgin on June 15, 2017

As a founder in the tech industry, you're going to have to get comfortable with wireframes. 

Knowing what wireframes are, why they're so frequently used, and how to dive in and build your own can vastly improve the chances your website or product will be understood as intended. 

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Net Neutrality in the Southeast: Why Emerging Hubs Should Fight for Title II

Posted by Chris Reade on May 25, 2017

We all benefit from net neutrality, but many people don’t know exactly what it is.

So I've put together a brief writeup on what net neutrality is and why you should care (especially if you work with startups in the South and Midwest). We welcome your thoughts on net neutrality and the future of the internet. Feel free to reach out to me via email or on social media to keep this conversation going.

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How to Add an SSL Certificate to a Single Instance EBS Server for a Node.js App

Posted by Chester Schofield on May 18, 2017

SSL certificates are a necessary nuisance.

No one really enjoys working with them, and adding them to a project can be as simple as checking a box or a wildly, unexpectedly, difficult task. 

This is an article about the second sort of SSL cert. 

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Machine Learning for Beginners: An Intro to Neural Networks

Posted by Blake Butterworth on May 11, 2017

In the very first class at Y Combinator's Startup University Sam Altman is asked what kind of business he would start if he was launching a startup today.

"I would take machine learning and just apply it to a vertical."

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Why Tech Transplants Come to New Orleans - and Why They Stay - PART 3

Posted by Jillian Firnhaber on April 27, 2017

At last year's Collision Conference we asked 16 New Orleans tech industry leaders why they chose to put down roots in the Crescent City (check out their answers in Part 1 and Part 2). This year we're back with a fresh crop of tech-savvy founders. We're also working to build an interactive map showing where all of our #nolatech colleagues hail from. Feel free to drop your own detailed pin to let us know more about your own tech transplant (or tech native) story!

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Build vs. Buy: Third Party or Custom-Developed Software

Posted by Michael Arnold on April 12, 2017

If you’re in business and that business is currently booming, you’ve probably got software on the brain.

You’ve got payroll to make, clients to reach, content to publish and you need some efficient, effective tools for the job.

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A Love Letter to Documentation: Tools and Best Practices

Posted by Elizabeth Kukla on March 7, 2017

Damian Conway said, ‘Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self,”

..but today I’m writing a love letter to documentation culture, the glue that keeps it all together.

The last three years have taken me from employee six at a startup to a mid-sized company growing out of bootstrapped beginnings through product expansion. Then overseas to a tech company ramping up for IPO. And most recently back to my home, literally and figuratively: the world of startups and New Orleans.

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New Orleans Startup Industry Clusters: Life Sciences

Posted by Alec Cole on February 16, 2017

We’ve recently spent a lot of time on the blog examining 2016 in Southern startups – both highlights and some deeper dives into emerging ecosystems. However, we’re several weeks into 2017, and it’s time to talk about what the future holds for Southeastern tech.

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Defining Priority and Severity: How to Classify and Approach Product Issues

Posted by Eric Skinner on February 9, 2017

Focusing on what matters for your users

Opportunity cost is the inevitable truth that no matter what you do, you’re foregoing your ability to do the next best thing. Software development follows that truth in a big way; if you have two issues in your software but only have the resources to address one, the other is going to get put in the backlog.

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How to Design a Great App Icon: Optimizing for Visibility and Impact

Posted by Ryan Colgin & Jillian Kossman on February 2, 2017

Limited Pixels, Endless Decisions

Think about the mobile apps you use the most - those little buttons that you find yourself pressing the moment you unlock your phone. Odds are that you can tell me exactly, down to the accent colors, what their icons look like. 

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