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Jonathan Biguenet

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How and When to Implement Binary Search Trees

Posted by Jonathan Biguenet on July 28, 2016

No, they're not just something you'll get asked about in tech interviews

If the patterns you write in your code are not efficient, you are stealing time from your users and in essence, draining them of their precious life force. If "developer" secretly meant "code vampire" this would be fine; but as it stands, wasteful code accomplishes nothing beyond annoying your users. Use efficient code, and don't steal life force!

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Ultrasonic Data Transmission: So Much Harder Than It Should Be

Posted by Jonathan Biguenet on January 28, 2016

Why We're Working on Something that No One Can Get Right

There’s a lot of truly mind-boggling tech out there – rail guns, self-driving cars, hover boards. So why is ultrasonic data transmission – use of sound beyond the audible spectrum – pretty much stuck at about the technical equivalent of the dog whistle?

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