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Blake Butterworth

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Machine Learning for Beginners: An Intro to Neural Networks

Posted by Blake Butterworth on May 11, 2017

In the very first class at Y Combinator's Startup University Sam Altman is asked what kind of business he would start if he was launching a startup today.

"I would take machine learning and just apply it to a vertical."

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iMessages Apps in iOS 10 and How to Build Them

Posted by Blake Butterworth on June 30, 2016

Apple’s announcement that they’ll be releasing a messages SDK to third-party developers is super exciting

And for a couple of reasons...

As a developer, it’s exciting because it means that I’ll be able to create apps that interact directly with the messages app - services that would let smartphone users do things like chat with an Uber driver, or send an animated, snapchat-style selfie over text. As a consumer, the announcement's interesting because it gives further evidence that we’re starting to see a paradigm shift in how we spend time on our smartphones. 

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LookFar Stories: Founding, Funding, and Growing a Startup in College

Posted by Blake Butterworth on February 18, 2016

Meet Blake

Blake Butterworth is a front-end developer here at LookFar. He's a New Orleans native and recently graduated from LSU with a degree in Computer Engineering.

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