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Ashley Meeks

Ashley Meeks is a current Venture for America Fellow, a finance graduate of Loyola New Orleans, and a Business Analyst at LookFar.

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The Best Money Can't Buy: Venture for America in New Orleans

Posted by Ashley Meeks on January 12, 2017

“If Wall Street is the best money can buy, we’re the best money can’t buy.” – Jason Wu, 2015 Venture for America Fellow

Gather 'round and let's talk talent.

Growing a team is simultaneously very difficult and very important. Hiring the right employees can chart a company’s course to future success or doom it to early implosion. Complicating this factor is the fact that very few entrepreneurs have an extensive background in human resources. The result: panicked absorption of industry wisdom, endless coffee-shop interviews, and probably a decent amount of cold sweat. 

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Anti-Dilution Provisions

Posted by Ashley Meeks on November 18, 2016

Previously we walked through dilution with a simple cap table. Simple in this case means that every round on the table is an up round, and it ignores ESOPs, discounts, warrants, valuations, and multiple terms that can be set in an investment.

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Demystifying Startup Finance Part IV: Understanding Dilution

Posted by Ashley Meeks on October 14, 2016

Let’s talk dilution – financial, not chemical. In finance, dilution is the decrease in percent equity held by investors’ shares by the addition of a new investment.

For each round of funding a startup takes on, the available number of shares increases. Therefore, while the number of shares held by a given person or party remains the same, the total number of shares outstanding increases, which shifts the percentage of equity held.

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Demystifying Startup Finance Part III: A Breakdown of Funding Options

Posted by Ashley Meeks on September 23, 2016

A big idea’s enough to start a business plan, but to actually build a company, you’re generally going to need some cold, hard capital. So here are the big questions for all founders without an existing war chest:

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Demystifying Startup Finance Part II: KPIs and Benchmarking

Posted by Ashley Meeks on August 19, 2016

Welcome to Part II of our series on startup finance!

This week we'll be talking about a crucial skill for startup founders: understanding and identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs are best thought of as a variety of metrics that indicate a company's progress. Utilizing them intelligently can make all the difference between crafting a data-driven, fundamentally sound growth strategy and shooting in the dark.

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Demystifying Startup Finance Part I: Glossary

Posted by Ashley Meeks on August 12, 2016

Welcome to the first post of LookFar’s brand new finance breakdown!

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be covering a range of startup topics with a particular focus on determining your fundraising needs and getting you in shape to negotiate your first round.

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Why New Orleans?

Posted by Ashley Meeks on August 27, 2015

Staying Home as a Venture For America Fellow

“Wow, New Orleans must be quite the city!”

I heard it often from other Venture for America Fellows over the five weeks of extensive training camp as I explained my destination for my two year fellowship. Of the one hundred and twenty-two 2015 Fellows, I am the only one to return to the city of not only my Alma Mater, but—as a Northshore native—my childhood.

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