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A Love Letter to Documentation: Tools and Best Practices

New Orleans Startup Industry Clusters: Life Sciences

Priority and Severity: How to Classify and Approach Product Issues

How to Make a Great App Icon: Optimizing for Visibility and Impact

The Best Money Can't Buy: Venture for America in New Orleans

The Startup South: Emerging Hubs in Chattanooga, Nashville, Little Rock, and Miami

2016 in Southern Startups: Stories, Rounds, and What Comes Next

Anti-Dilution Provisions

Software Maintenance: Understanding and Estimating Costs

Demystifying Startup Finance Part IV: Understanding Dilution

Female Fish in a Big Pond: Swimming Upstream as Women in Tech

The Ada Lovelace Woman of the Year in GNO Tech Awards: Our 2016 Nominees

Demystifying Startup Finance Part III: A Breakdown of Funding Options

Instagram for Startups: 5 Strategies to Build an Early Audience

Spoiler-Blocking on Facebook: How to Write a Simple Chrome Extension

NostalgiaTech - How the 90's is Still Influencing Tech Today

IP Law for Startups: Common Intellectual Property Issues and How to Approach Them

Demystifying Startup Finance Part II: KPIs and Benchmarking

Demystifying Startup Finance Part I: Glossary

How to Write Bug Reports: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Southern Startup Report: July 15 - July 29

Why Binary Search Trees Matter

Birmingham Rising: Sloss Tech and Other Signs of Potential

Designing in the browser using Gulp, Slush, Bootstrap 4 & Sass

When Good Software Goes Bad: What Happens When Tech Is Discontinued

The Southern Startup Report: June 17 - July 1

iMessages Apps in iOS 10 and How to Build Them

The Southern Startup Report: June 3 - June 17

Why Tech Transplants Come to New Orleans - and Why They Stay - PART 2

How to Build Your Startup’s Personas with Data from Google and Facebook

Getting the Most Out of a Tech Conference: Our Collision 2016

Why Tech Transplants Come to New Orleans - and Why They Stay

Embracing Ambiguity: Why Scrapping Plans is a Healthy Process

How to Tailor Your Pitch Deck: Changes to Make when Pitching to Different Audiences

Making a Virtual Reality App: The Current State of VR Headsets and Software

The 5 Judges You'll Meet At Every Startup Pitch Competition

LookFar Stories: Founding, Funding, and Growing a Startup in College

The Southern Startup Report: January 31 - February 12

How to Tell if a Potential Software Development Partner is Right For You

Ultrasonic Data Transmission: So Much Harder Than It Should Be

How to Have a Long and Happy Relationship with your Technical Partner

Making Your Startup Look Good: Free Executive Summary and Pitch Deck Templates

Teams, Pants, and Learning in Software Development

Three Clear Signs of Growth in the New Orleans Startup Scene

How to Make a Kick-Ass Pitch Deck Using Nothing but PowerPoint

Lessons from New Orleans Startup Weekend

Using Docker-Compose Auto-Scaling to Scale Node.js Instances on a Single Machine

The Four-Hour Meeting You Won’t Hate

The Ada Lovelace Woman of the Year in NOLATech Award

The Ada Lovelace Woman of the Year in NOLATech Award: Our Nominees

Code and Career Lessons from All-Women Workshops

3 Reasons for Marketers to Love Medium

Why New Orleans?

Gifs, Twitter, and Matching Visual Content to Brand

Scrum and Marriage