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A Love Letter to Documentation: Tools and Best Practices

Posted by Elizabeth Kukla on March 7, 2017

Damian Conway said, ‘Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self,”

..but today I’m writing a love letter to documentation culture, the glue that keeps it all together.

The last three years have taken me from employee six at a startup to a mid-sized company growing out of bootstrapped beginnings through product expansion. Then overseas to a tech company ramping up for IPO. And most recently back to my home, literally and figuratively: the world of startups and New Orleans.

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New Orleans Startup Industry Clusters: Life Sciences

Posted by Alec Cole on February 16, 2017

We’ve recently spent a lot of time on the blog examining 2016 in Southern startups – both highlights and some deeper dives into emerging ecosystems. However, we’re several weeks into 2017, and it’s time to talk about what the future holds for Southeastern tech.

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Priority and Severity: How to Classify and Approach Product Issues

Posted by Eric Skinner on February 9, 2017

Focusing on what matters for your users

Opportunity cost is the inevitable truth that no matter what you do, you’re foregoing your ability to do the next best thing. Software development follows that truth in a big way; if you have two issues in your software but only have the resources to address one, the other is going to get put in the backlog.

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How to Make a Great App Icon: Optimizing for Visibility and Impact

Posted by Ryan Colgin & Jillian Kossman on February 2, 2017

Limited Pixels, Endless Decisions

Think about the mobile apps you use the most - those little buttons that you find yourself pressing the moment you unlock your phone. Odds are that you can tell me exactly, down to the accent colors, what their icons look like. 

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The Best Money Can't Buy: Venture for America in New Orleans

Posted by Ashley Meeks on January 12, 2017

“If Wall Street is the best money can buy, we’re the best money can’t buy.” – Jason Wu, 2015 Venture for America Fellow

Gather 'round and let's talk talent.

Growing a team is simultaneously very difficult and very important. Hiring the right employees can chart a company’s course to future success or doom it to early implosion. Complicating this factor is the fact that very few entrepreneurs have an extensive background in human resources. The result: panicked absorption of industry wisdom, endless coffee-shop interviews, and probably a decent amount of cold sweat. 

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The Startup South: Emerging Hubs in Chattanooga, Nashville, Little Rock, and Miami

Posted by Alec Cole on December 15, 2016

The Southeast is Starting Up. And Specializing.

Founders in the Southeast can be forgiven for occasionally feeling like the forgotten children of the tech world. After all, they’re hustling, they’re innovating, but their startup grind is taking place in ecosystems that fly well under the radar of media, investors, and other entrepreneurs.

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2016 in Southern Startups: Stories, Rounds, and What Comes Next

Posted by Jillian Firnhaber on December 8, 2016

We'll always remember 2016 as the year of Pokemon Go, the Cubs World Series, and the wackiest ever presidential election. But how did the Southern startup community fare in 2016? We've put together a quick recap of the highs and lows from the past year. 

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Anti-Dilution Provisions

Posted by Ashley Meeks on November 18, 2016

Previously we walked through dilution with a simple cap table. Simple in this case means that every round on the table is an up round, and it ignores ESOPs, discounts, warrants, valuations, and multiple terms that can be set in an investment.

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Software Maintenance: Understanding and Estimating Costs

Posted by Jeffrey Hanby on October 21, 2016

Every piece of software needs maintenance. Plain and simple.

The more complex the software, the more maintenance it will likely need to ensure continued use.  The obvious questions are why and how much.  This varies and is a bit of a loaded question because every software product is different.  It's possible to minimize maintenance costs through intelligent planning and execution, but it's also possible to wind up paying more to maintain your product than it did to develop it if you’re not careful.

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Demystifying Startup Finance Part IV: Understanding Dilution

Posted by Ashley Meeks on October 14, 2016

Let’s talk dilution – financial, not chemical. In finance, dilution is the decrease in percent equity held by investors’ shares by the addition of a new investment.

For each round of funding a startup takes on, the available number of shares increases. Therefore, while the number of shares held by a given person or party remains the same, the total number of shares outstanding increases, which shifts the percentage of equity held.

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